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A machine should never be down due to a control failure. Based on heavy duty industrial grade electronics with Profinet communication protocol, our man-machine interface ensures operation and quality controls within an user-friendly environment, with large color touch screen panels displaying easily readable icons and mimic panels showing the actual status of any line component. The intensive use of graphic elements and the display pages in over 25 languages makes the line operations and parameters setting an easy task. The built-in editable resin database and the formulation storage system enables the automatic retrieval of the data required to pre-set all the machine parameters to re-run a specific product recipe. Another built-in program enables a fast and effective line purging, reducing resin scrap and time lapses between different product runs Profinet is designed to link a computer network, and being manufacturer neutral, it eases the integration of non Macchi made devices also ensuring a total serviceability, even by remote locations. A built-in UPS protects the system from data loss due to electric power surges.