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Macchi offer foresee a complete range of digitally controlled, gearless operated, fixed as well as horizontally oscillating take off units. Fixed executions are selected for all the applications where the extrusion die is rotating/oscillating, or for the handling of extra wide webs such as the ones used in the agricultural greenhouse business. Horizontally oscillating units are a Macchi landmark, reflected in key operational features targeted to the processing of any kind of film surfaces:

  • Specially coated air-bar surfaces with variable pitch perforation
  • Inverter controlled blowers, to generate a sinusoidal airflow outlet
  • 360° adjustable oscillation speed with +/-15° slow motion feature to enable the production of gusseted films
  • Machine structure assembled on extremely sturdy gear-bearing
  • S-wrap cooling roller with built-in fluid thermoregulation
  • On-demand supply of release-coated roller and nip arrangements for the handling of extremely sensitive or tacky products
  • Collapsing boards with combined Rollers/slats or thermally insulated Aluminium or carbon fiber roller arrangements.