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The design criteria of our extruders, stand-alone or assembled on a Coex Flex platform, have always been marked by attention to detail and choice of first quality materials incorporating worldwide available Primary Standard quality components:

  • Sturdy gearboxes and oversized thrust bearings, equipped with oil temperature control.
  • A/C motors, air or (optional) water cooled, exhibiting low energy consumption, minimum maintenance and a greater drive dynamic control.
  • Siemens AC Sychro Torque Motors directly coupled to the screws, available as alternative versions to the AC motors.
  • Specially designed feed-zones, featuring smooth or multiple groove profiles.
  • High to wear and corrosion resistant bi-metallic extrusion barrels.
  • Energy saving extruder heating system with ceramic or (optional) infrared elements.
  • Advanced drive speed control, targeted to reduced electrical consumption, always keeping in mind the respect for international standards and safety regulations.